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Worcestershire Children and Young People's Plan

Worcestershire Children and Young People

Our vision is for Worcestershire to be a wonderful place for all children and young people to grow up.

This plan is owned by all agencies working with children, young people and families in Worcestershire 

  • the plan will set expectations around the way all agencies will work
  • focus on key priorities and success measures
  • clarify our collective ambition and aspirations for all children and young people
  • build on and add value to existing plans and will change over time to respond to need
  • provide a framework for all agencies and organisations working with children, young people and families to make the necessary impact to improve lives

Working together all agencies will:

  • listen to, hear and understand children, young people and families
  • find strengths and build on positives to help people help themselves
  • prioritise partnerships – to improve outcomes, doing things with people, instead of to them, for them or doing nothing
  • focus on adding value. Keep asking is anyone better off? Is anyone worse off?
  • be brave enough to always do the right thing for children and young people

Worcestershire Children and Young People's Plan booklet

Worcestershire Children and Young People's Plan Survey Results

To inform the development of this new plan a range of consultation methods were set in motion to ensure maximum engagement with all interested parties and importantly with children and young people themselves. Five key questions were asked from five different perspectives - those of a child, young person, parent/carer, practitioner or other interested citizen. The questions asked what were the:

  • the most important things to children and young people;
  • the main issues and challenges for children and young people;
  • how the lives of children and young people be improved; and
  • If you were king or queen of Worcestershire for the day what would you change?

Over 2,590 responses were received providing a rich source of information about the challenges facing children and young people and how their lives could be improved.

Three common themes emerged across all questions. First, respondents emphasised their desire to support wider investment in public services, second to provide more places for children and young people to go and things for them to do, and finally to improve the education system distinct from other public services.

Download the full survey report

Download the district report analysis

Our partnership

  • All District Councils
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Department of Work and Pensions (West Mercia District)
  • Early Years Settings
  • Employers
  • Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service
  • Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (Business and Skills Sector)
  • Public Health
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Training Providers
  • Voluntary and Community Sector
  • West Mercia Police
  • Worcestershire Acute Hospital Trust
  • Worcestershire Children's Safeguarding Board
  • Worcestershire County Council
  • Worcestershire Health and Care Trust

Resources for our partners

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