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Making Every Contact Count (MECC)… the new 'health chats' programme

Published: Tuesday, 5th March 2019 mecc

Public Health have reviewed Worcestershire 'Health Chats', which has now been refreshed and re-branded as Making Every Contact Count (MECC).

MECC is a national intervention, based upon evidence, local need and national guidance. MECC is about having brief opportunistic conversations as part of our everyday interactions to motivate small healthier lifestyles changes by individuals. The programme consists of a 30 minute e-learning module and a 2 hour skills based face-to-face training session. A 'train the trainer' option has also been developed to allow delivery within organisations.

Health chats is referred to in Standard 2 of the WWW toolkit; 2.1.1 (iv) Improving health

The updated criteria is set out below:

Criteria: Workplace health and well-being champion to disseminate information on Making Every Contact Count training and health improvement topics to staff on a regular basis

Guidance: Information about Making Every Contact Count e-learning and skill training can be found here:

Your organisation can have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of your staff as well as service users/ customers where appropriate by:

· Considering making the MECC E-learning mandatory for all or select members of staff depending on their role

· Identifying frontline staff to attend face to face skills training sessions

·  Enquiring about the Train the Trainer course if you have a number of frontline workers that may benefit from MECC face to face skills sessions

Please find attached further information about MECC, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact

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