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Time to Change .... it's time to talk and engage again

Published: Tuesday, 13th July 2021 time to change logo

The Worcester Time to Change Champions have recently attended many local events, creating opportunities for people to do something creative and share their experiences.

The Time to Change Worcestershire team is part of a national network of community volunteers that look to address the stigma and discrimination around poor mental health by engaging with the community they live in and sharing their stories and experiences. The Worcester Time to Change Champions group is very active and has around 15 members that have attended many local events such as the Malvern Spring Fair, Pershore Plum Festival, and Malvern Pride, creating opportunities for people to do something creative and share experiences of mental wellbeing and associated local support services.

During the Pandemic however, the opportunity to engage face to face was restricted and so the team ventured online and held a number of successful events such as:

  • Drawing on Experience - Around 70 local people joined a closed Facebook Group and were provided with a free drawing kit through the Time to Change grant process. The group completed six online lessons (provided by Colourwheels) and shared their art, thoughts and experiences within the group and talked about how art was helping their mental health. This group then contributed to the recent "Now We’re Talking with Art" exhibition across Worcester and now in Redditch.
  • Two Zoom spa events hosted by Temple Spa - One titled "The power of Sleep" in March and another in June titled "Summer Breeze". Again, through the grant process attendees were provided with spa kits to help with their wellbeing.
  • The team also spoke at the recent CIPD and Chamber of Commerce Mental Health webinar last month. Watch it online here:

The Time to Change Worcestershire Champions are always happy to gain new members, but anyone can apply for the £500 grant to run their own events to help address the stigma around mental health. If you would like more information about becoming a champion, to find out how you can get involved as an employer or how to apply for a grant, visit the website: or email:

Over the next few weeks and months, the Champions are looking forward to attending local events again and chatting face to face with the community. Why not visit the team at the Worcester Show on August 15th and Worcestershire Pride on September 18th.


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