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Pitmaston Primary School achieves Level 1 accreditation

Published: Thursday, 17th June 2021 An image of staff at Pitmaston

Pitmaston Primary School achieve Level 1 accreditation

Pitmaston Primary School have become the latest organisation to achieve Level 1 in the Worcestershire Works Well accreditation.

Assistant Headteacher, Jane Lyons, said:

“Pitmaston Primary School are thrilled to have achieved Level 1 of the Worcestershire Works Well scheme. Pupil and staff mental health and well-being has been the priority of our school development plan for a couple of years now and we are committed to ensuring we keep up to date with initiatives, ideas and strategies to support every single member of our staff team. Working beyond an educational framework has been an incredibly useful process as we have been encouraged to think differently about the health and well-being of all staff in school. We look forward to continuing our work in this area, which given the current climate, is an essential part of our role in school.”

Employees can play a vital role in improving the health and wellbeing of workers, this could include ongoing health promotion, raising awareness of specific health issues and supporting and encouraging healthy lifestyles. To find out more, sign up to the scheme today!

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