Level 1 standards

Organisations are required to meet the criteria for 8 core standards for level 1.

Please note: 

  • many of the Worcestershire Works Well standards require your organisation to ensure health and wellbeing policies are in place and followed, please see the guidance documents which can be used as a starting point when developing your own policies
  • it is recommended that organisations aim to achieve level 1 accreditation within 6 - 12 months of signing up to the scheme
  • accreditation is valid for 3 years

Level 1 downloads

Self-assessment template

Organisational Profile

Overview of level 1 standards

Standard 1 - Environment and Culture

Standard 2 - Leadership and Management

Standard 3 - Attendance Management

Standard 4 - Health and Safety

Standard 5 - Mental Health and Well-being

Standard 6 - Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Misuse

Standard 7 - Healthy Eating

Standard 8 - Physical Activity & Musculoskeletal Health (MSK)