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Worcestershire Travel app

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Worcestershire Travel app is a free app which provides you information on:

  • road traffic
  • roadworks
  • emergency road closures
  • road and bridge restrictions (height, weight and width)
  • weather related issues including flooding and winter gritting
  • cycle routes
  • rail and bus travel
  • school closures

You can use your mobile phone/tablet/desktop to access the app.

Please note: all the information displayed will be the most current information we have available, several data feeds are supplied by third party organisations. We cannot be held liable for any delays or loss of information feeds on this app.

Our partners


All information regarding the roadworks is held by Elgin, not by us. For more information on roadworks, please visit the Elgin website (opens in a new website).

Environment Agency

All information regarding the flooding is held by Environment Agency, not by us. For more information on flooding, please visit the GOV.UK - Environment Agency website (opens in a new window).

National Rail

All information regarding the rail travel is held by National Rail, not by us. For more information on rail travel, please visit the National Rail website (opens in a new window).


All information regarding the bus travel is held by Traveline, not by us. For more information on bus travel, please visit the Traveline website (opens in a new window).