Protect your loved ones (Pensioners)

If you die on pension, a lump sum death grant may be paid, as well as a spouse's / qualifying partner's pension and children's pensions, where appropriate.

Lump sum

To protect your loved ones you can make and update your nominations using our Death Grant Nomination Form.

If you fail to nominate someone for the death grant, it might take longer for it to be paid and the person receiving it might also have to pay inheritance tax.

It is your responsibility to tell us if you change your mind over who you want to receive the death grant.

If you have separate rights as an active and a deferred / pensioner member, the death grant payable is the higher of the death grants. These amounts will not be added together.


There is no need to nominate your husband, wife, civil partner, or dependent children for a pension payable on your death.

If you marry after retiring and die:

  • your husband’s pension is based on your membership after 5 April 1988
  • your wife’s pension is based on your membership after 5 April 1978

If you were an active member after 31 March 2008 and if you are not married or are not in a civil partnership, but have:

  • lived with someone for 2 years at the time of your death
  • whilst both of you have been free to marry
  • whilst you have been financially interdependent a cohabiting partner can receive a survivors pension provided s/he meets the criteria under the LGPS regulations