We seek to work in partnership with our employers to administer the LGPS on their behalf.

Our Pension Administration Strategy sets out the LGPS roles and responsibilities of us and our employers.

Two important examples of when employers can help their employees to receive the information they need from us are by supplying us promptly with Cessation Leavers Form January 2019 or Pension Starter Form

Information about Discretions is available from the Guides and sample documents page in the LGPC administration resources area of the LGPS Regulations and Guidance website. 

We have issued Personal Data Retention Guidance for Employers.

To support our employers we also have a Pensions Development Pathwayan Employers “How to” and a What the Fund expects from its employers calendar.

LGPS Guidance for Payroll / HR practitioners explains how employers should deal with their LGPS responsibilities. Find out more information on the LGPS regulations website: LGPS Guidance for Payroll / HR practitioners (opens in a new window)

Different LGPS regulations may apply to a member depending on their individual circumstances. Find out more information on the LGPS regulations website: LGPS regulations (opens in a new window)

LGPS regulations are not available from one single, updated source.

Different regulations may apply to a member depending on their individual circumstances.

The LGPS member website provides a wealth of information, including a range of factsheets, about the LGPS including a range of short Pensions made simple videosWhat is a pension?How your pension worksLooking after your pensionProtection for you and your familyLife after workYour annual allowanceYour lifetime allowance.. Find out more information on the LGPS member website: LGPS Member website (opens in a new window)

Our Guide to the LGPS is written in question and answer format. The guide is for general use and cannot cover every personal circumstance nor does it cover specific protected rights that apply to a very limited number of employees.

Brief Guide to the LGPS and an LGPS Promotional Leaflet are also available.

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