Funding and investments

We participate in LGPS Central Limited (opens in a new window) for our active mandates. To help you to understand why, we have produced more information about transitioning assets to LGPS Central. The LGPS Central Joint Committee (opens in a new window) is a key part of LGPS Central’s governance. It is a public forum for providing oversight of the delivery of its objectives / client service / business case and for dealing with common investor issues.

The Fund has an equity protection strategy in place. Details of this are available from Pensions Committee and Pension Investment Sub-Committee meetings.

Download: Actuarial Valuation Report 2019 (opens in a new window)

Download: Funding Strategy Statement June 2021

Download: Investment Risk Management All about Worcestershire Pension Fund Investment Pots

Download: Investment Strategy Statement 2021

Download: Making a formal representation for an exit credit payment

Download: The latest on our investments and funding position (opens in a new window)

Download: The latest risk and return analysis (opens in a new window)