Funding and investments

We participate in LGPS Central Limited for our active mandates. To help you to understand why, we have produced more information about transitioning assets to LGPS Central. The LGPS Central Joint Committee is a key part of LGPS Central’s governance. It is a public forum for providing oversight of the delivery of its objectives / client service / business case and for dealing with common investor issues.

The Fund has an equity protection strategy in place. Details of this are available from Pensions Committee and Pension Investment Sub-Committee meetings.

Download: Actuarial Valuation Report 2019 Please note that Appendix H of this download requires slight amendments for the following employers: Hereford and Worcester Fire Civilians, Regency, Woodrush High School and Wychavon Leisure Community.

Download: Funding Strategy Statement

Download: Investment Risk Management All about Worcestershire Pension Fund Investment Pots

Download: Investment Strategy Statement

Download: Making a formal representation for an exit credit payment

Download: The latest on our investments and funding position (opens in a new window)

Download: The latest risk and return analysis (opens in a new window)