Placement plus

Placement plus

What is Placement Plus?

Placement Plus is an intensive support specialist fostering scheme providing tailored fostering placements to older children and young people in the care of Worcestershire County Council. These young people are likely to have experienced failed foster placements and currently be accommodated in residential care. Our Placement Plus foster carers will have received additional training and will be part of a Team Around the Child (TAC). The TAC will provide an enhanced level of support for these young people to ensure a successful placement. The foster carer is a key member of the TAC and will play a crucial role in planning and maintaining placements. All placements are made in a planned manner with introductions prior to a placement being made.

The facts

  • there is a significant lack of in-house specialist fostering provision for the age range 10 years plus
  • Worcestershire has a high number of young people accommodated in residential care and external agencies
  • the high cost of agency placements diverts funds from Worcestershire County Council.

The young people

  • male and female aged 10 to 15 years
  • we are looking at the 10 to 14 year range for the first 6 placements
  • the first group of young people will be placed from residential care
  • the young people placed will be identified as having an attachment issue or disorder
  • the young people will have expressed a wish to live in a family
  • preference will be given to young people subject to a full Care Order
  • the young person will have a complex range of needs and previous placement disruptions

The team around the child (TAC)

The team around each child will include:

  • the Placement Plus foster carer; a key professional member of the TAC
  • a Clinical Psychologist to support the carer and plan for the young person
  • a dedicated Fostering Manager to have overall responsibility for the scheme
  • a Specialist Supervising Social Worker to support the carers and recruit further carers
  • a Fostering Support Worker to help provide activities and practical support
  • the Child’s Social Worker “contracted” to work with the young person’s family
  • the TAC will work closely with the Integrated Service for Looked After and Adopted Children

How will the placement work?

  • all young people eligible will be subject to a full placement assessment which will include consultation with the foster carer
  • the Psychologist and Supervising Social Worker will undertake an initial assessment, visit the placement and formulate an initial support plan
  • the TAC will agree the suitability of the referral
  • there will be planned introductions with the identified foster carer
  • a full plan will be agreed, including respite care periods prior to placement
  • the Child’s Social Worker will then be “contracted” to work with the birth family

Support for foster carers

  • foster carers will receive full and detailed information regarding each young person
  • foster carers will have the most up-to-date contact details for support from all members of the Team around the Child
  • there will be monthly supervision with the Specialist Supervising Social worker
  • there will be a monthly group/peer supervision session with other carers
  • a monthly Programme Review Meeting with TAC will evaluate progress of young people
  • there will be telephone support from a Psychologist and the Integrated Service for Looked After and Adopted Children (ISL)
  • there will be additional support from the Fostering Support Worker
  • there will be planned, regular respite care where appropriate

The rewards

  • a valued member of professional team (TAC)
  • ongoing professional development
  • an enhanced fee payment (£600 per week plus age allowance)
  • payments made from introductory period (first TAC Meeting)
  • four weeks planned respite a year
  • retainer paid for 2 weeks if no planned placement
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