Passenger Transport ID Badges

Passenger Transport ID Badges

Information for those working in the community transport area.

For Transport Operators and Community Transport

All staff working on Worcestershire County Council (WCC) transport contracts involving Regulated Activities must have a current DBS Enhanced Disclosure; a new DBS check must be undertaken every 3 years to obtain a new disclosure (unless subscribing to the GOV.UK - DBS Update Service). WCC will issue an ID badge with an expiry date and the operator's name to show the holder is compliant. WCC does not accept ID badges issued by other authorities such as a taxi badge as meeting this requirement.

The disclosure must include a check of both the Children’s Barred List and Adults’ Barred List.

The applicant must declare if they are involved in any police investigations or if they have committed any criminal offences since any listed in their current disclosure including all unspent and unfiltered (see GOV.UK - Filtering rules for DBS certificates) convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings. If the applicant answers Yes to either of these questions, a new DBS check is required.

Frequently asked questions

Q Which contracts require staff to carry ID badges?

A Worcestershire County Council (WCC) transport contracts - with the exception of registered local bus services – require staff working on the transport to carry WCC ID badges. Contracts requiring DBS checks and WCC ID badges include mainstream home to school transport, transport of children with Special Education Needs (SEN) and adults and children's social care.

Q How do I apply for a DBS check?

A WCC uses an online processing tool called eBulk to process applications for DBS checks.  If you have not already been set up on eBulk, please contact  who will take your contact details then pass these to the DBS team.  The DBS Team will then email you details of how the candidate logs in and applies. You as the manager will need to log in and complete the ID check/Section Y of the application form. The system is very simple to use and full guidance is given in the email.

Once you have ID checked and completed section Y of their application online, press 'Approve' which submits it to the DBS team who will check it and submit it to DBS within 24hrs (not weekends).

You can track an application via eBulk as well, so it will tell you what stage it is at within the process.

The system will email you as the manager to inform you once the certificate has been issued to the candidate's home address; you will also be able to log back into eBulk to see the details of their certificate (disclosure and issued date).

Q Who can check ID documents for DBS applications?

A The owner or manager of the company can check ID documents.  The owner/manager cannot check their own documents – this can be done at County Hall by contacting the DBS team on 01905 846529.

Q Where can I get information about the progress of my DBS application?

A Tracking of an application can be done via eBulk. The manager logs in, finds the application within the processing folder, and on the right is a 'Track' button. This will then take you to the DBS tracking service and let you know the checking stage reached so far.

If the application is still within 'Waiting ID check and Section Y', then chances are you haven't pressed the 'Approve' button to send it to the DBS team. If the application is within 'Application Complete' then it will have been dispatched to the candidate's home address.

Q Does DBS issue a copy of the certificate to WCC?

A No, only one certificate is issued - to the applicant.  As of 17th June 2013, the introduction of the 'applicant only certificate' means that Worcestershire County Council as a Registered Body no longer receives a copy of the applicant's DBS disclosure certificate.

Q How much does it cost to get a DBS disclosure and how do I pay?

A From 06 April 2022, the DBS fee for paid posts for an Enhanced Disclosure is £38; there is an additional £10+VAT administration cost charged by WCC = £50 total. DBS checks for volunteers are exempt from a DBS fee, and are only charged an administration fee of £10+VAT = £12. The DBS team at WCC will send out an invoice every 3 months for fees incurred to date. 

Please note that invoices for DBS checks do not include costs of any ID badges; invoices for ID badges are issued separately.

Q What if a disclosure has content?

A If the disclosure contains any content of a serious nature or shows a pattern of offending behaviour, the applicant's request for badging must be formally risk assessed.

Forms for risk assessment are available at Download the risk assessment form other supporting documentation will also be considered.  Completed and signed forms should be returned to It may also be necessary for WCC to interview the applicant.

Q What is the DBS Update Service?

The Council strongly recommends that applicants join the DBS Update Service  as in most cases this will facilitate ID badge renewal without the need for a new disclosure.  The link to register for the Update Service is Subscribe to the DBS Update Service. By subscribing to this service, organisations can do an online status check of the individual’s DBS.  This can remove the need for the individual to complete repeat DBS applications and remove the wait for a potentially lengthy DBS checking procedure before being cleared for employment requiring a DBS certificate.

Q How do I apply for a WCC ID badge?

A Please see the documentation checklist on the WCC web page ID badge application checklist. The checklist details the documentation required, namely

  • scan of the applicant’s current DBS disclosure certificate ,alternatively, the certificate can be brought in to WCC for scanning. It is the responsibility of the operator's manager to view the original DBS certificate   
  • DBS Consent Form
  • Full Badge Declaration Form
  • badging forms
  • good qualify, up to date colour photograph of the applicant –  a photo taken on a mobile phone is fine (.jpeg format preferred - no .pdfs)
  • for Drivers, please see additional requirements in Driver training
  • for PA training requirements, please refer to PA training

If the applicant does not subscribe to the DBS Update Service, the disclosure should be no more than 3 months old and issued either by WCC or Worcestershire Regulatory Services.  Disclosures issued more than 3 months ago, or undertaken through a Registered Body other than WCC or Worcestershire Regulatory Services, are acceptable only if the applicant currently subscribes to the DBS Update Service and a subsequent status check shows no changes since issue of the Disclosure.

A Volunteer disclosure (ie a free DBS check) can only be used for a Volunteer post, however a fully paid disclosure can be used for a paid post and a Volunteer post.   If the applicant has a Volunteer disclosure and they now want to do paid work, a new DBS check is required that is charged at the full cost.

Q How much does it cost for a WCC ID badge and how do I pay?

A A full 3 year WCC ID badge for a paid post costs £10 + VAT = £12 total.  The organisation requesting the badge will be sent a quarterly invoice. WCC ID badges for volunteers are free of charge. 

Please note that invoices for badges do not include costs of any DBS checks; badges and DBS checks are invoiced separately.

Q Can I use someone who is already badged by WCC?

A An existing WCC ID badge holder can be badged with an additional operator and should apply for a badge showing the new operator's name.  If an existing WCC ID badge holder leaves an operator to start working with a new operator, they must return their old operator's badge to WCC. 

Please note that if there has been more than 7 calendar days break in service between the previous and new operator, a new DBS check may be required.

The Change of Operator Form to apply for an additional badge, or when having left an operator to work for a new operator, can be downloaded at Download badging forms. 

Q Where can I book PA training courses?

A Please contact the Driver and Transport Training Unit, Warndon Depot:

Telephone: 01905 843624

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Helpline

Telephone: 0300 0200 190
Welsh: 0300 0200 191
Minicom: 0300 0200 192
Telephone: 0300 0200 190


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