Transport types

Transport types

Information and services provided for different types of transport.

Bus travel

Find out about bus timetables, live travel updates, passes, tickets and operators.

Cycling, walking and wheeling

Worcestershire County Council is committed to enabling active travel and encouraging our residents and visitors to cycle, walk and wheel.

Rail travel

In Worcestershire, most of our larger urban areas have a rail station, which offer a fast and stress free alternative to driving, particularly if you are going the distance!

Community transport

Community Transport Schemes are set up across Worcestershire support people who do not have access to conventional transport or are unable to use it


Whatever you think of Lorries (Heavy Goods Vehicles HGVs), love them or hate them, we would not be able function as a prosperous economic society without them.

Passenger transport ID badges

Information for those working in the community transport area.

School and college travel

Find advice on getting your child to school, apply for school and college travel and find out about the review and appeals process.

Worcestershire Travel app

Worcestershire Travel appĀ is a free app which provides you information on road traffic, roadworks, school closures and much more.

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

InformationĀ Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

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