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Signs of Safety

In Worcestershire we are introducing a new approach to our work with children and families; this approach is called Signs of Safety.

What is Signs of Safety?

The Signs of Safety approach, seeks to strengthen assessments and maximise family participation and where possible they actively contribute to solutions to keeping their child safe. Using the Signs of Safety approach professionals supporting families work together to:

  1. Look at what’s going well in the child’s life - the strengths.
  2. Understand who is worried and why - the worries and concerns.
  3. Identify what needs to be done to build on the strengths, reduce the concerns and keep the child safe - the outcomes.

The approach expands on the assessment to encompass strengths and signs of safety that can be built upon to stabilise and strengthen a child’s and family’s situation. The approach is designed to help professionals and families throughout assessment and intervention.

Learn more about Signs of Safety

Signs of Safety updates will be published in the quarterly Safeguarding Board Newsletter (opens in a new window)

More information can be found on the Signs of Safety website (opens in a new window)

More information about Signs of Safety in Worcestershire:

Download: Signs of Safety guide for professionals

Download: Signs of Safety guide for families