What SEN support will my child be given?

What SEN support will my child be given?

All children with special educational needs should have additional support or help which is different to that which is generally given to other children of their age.

What is SEN support?

All children with special educational needs should have additional support or help which is different to that which is generally given to other children of their age, this is SEN Support. This support is to help children to achieve their learning objectives or outcomes, which are set by the early year’s provider, school or post 16 providers. Education providers should involve parents in the process. SEN support replaces School Action and School Action Plus.

SEN support can take many forms, including:

  • a special learning programme for your child
  • extra help from a teacher or a learning support assistant
  • making or changing materials and equipment
  • working with your child in a small group
  • observing your child in class or at break and keeping records         
  • helping your child to take part in the class activities
  • making sure your child has understood things by encouraging them to ask questions and to try something they find difficult
  • helping other children work with your child, or play with them at break time
  • supporting your child with physical or personal care, such as eating, getting around school safely, toileting or dressing.

The school, post 16 provider (e.g. college), early years setting (e.g. nursery or childminder) or SEND co-ordinator will regularly review the plan with you and your child to ensure they are making progress and to enable them to make any necessary changes. This approach is called the Graduated Response and you can find out more about it and how it works in your child’s setting here Graduated Response (SEND Support in education provision)

If your child needs extra support     

The school, early years setting or post 16 providers can often give your child help through SEN support. This means that they can put additional or different support in to place to meet their needs. Sometimes other professionals will give advice or support to help your child learn.

Some children need more intensive and specialist help. If your child does not make progress despite the SEN support provided, they may be referred to a Pre-School Forum (for pre-school aged children) or an Education, Health and Care (EHC) needs assessment might be the next step.

Support for younger children with SEND

All pre-school settings will be able to support children with special education needs or disabilities in some form as part of what is 'ordinarily available'. There may need to be discussions that take place to determine your child's needs and to help them get ready to start school.

You could also talk to your Health Visitor as they work with every child and parent / carer at various stages until the child is 5 years old. They can help to identify if your child might have an additional need and help you know where to go for extra help and advice.

The Education Services Early Years team works with early years and childcare settings in Worcestershire to ensure all children access high quality early years education and care to support individual children to achieve their maximum potential in learning and development. Education Services - Early years

Pre-school forums

If your child has a special education need they may be referred to a pre-school forum. This is a meeting where lots of professionals help find out what support is needed for your child.

Find out more about pre-school forums

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