Early years, birth to starting school

Early years, birth to starting school

In this section you will find details of the services and support available to families with a young child, aged 0 to 5, with SEND.

So, you suspect your child may have a special education need or disability (SEND) or you've got a diagnosis for your child? You didn’t expect this to happen and you may be feeling a whole range of emotions.

All of these are perfectly normal and natural feelings. Everyone responds differently, and it can take time to process. There is help and support available for you on your journey. In this section you will find details of the services and support available to parents and families.

We understand that talking to many different services about your child's needs can be very confusing. To help this we have found some useful websites with guides to the terms and jargon sometimes used.

SEND advice and support for parents

This is an introduction to what support, advice and services are out there to help you and your family on your SEND journey.

Health and Early Years

By developing communication links between health visitors, early years practitioners and parents or carers, a more complete picture of a child’s progress can be gathered, identifying any needs and offering support.

Holidays, play and leisure

Here you will find information and directories on fun things to do for your child with SEND.

Choosing childcare for children with SEND

For children who have an Education, Health and Care Plan or receive Disability Living Allowance.

Specialist Services

There are a range of specialist services who may become involved with your child. These can be NHS, specialist educational and/or care services.

See also

Early Years Inclusion

Children who are known to Worcestershire Pre-school Forum will be offered support as part of the core (free) offer.

Graduated Response

This guidance is intended to be used as a tool for schools and settings and those partner agencies working with parents, carers and young people with SEND.

Inclusion team roles and responsibilities

Information on the roles within the Inclusion Team.

Supporting parents on the SEND journey

It can be a very stressful time for parents when issues with their child’s development are raised by either their Health Visitor or Early Years Practitioners.

Advice on Supporting children with their sleep

Supporting children with their sleep document (PDF).

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