MECC learning aims and objectives

MECC learning aims and objectives

Includes information about which part/s of the MECC training package are relevant for you.

There are two parts to MECC training in Worcestershire, further information about the e-learning and skills training is detailed below:

MECC e-learning

  • free, available to everyone, and takes 30 minutes to complete
  • a mandatory pre-requisite for undertaking the face to face skills training as it includes knowledge based material that is not revisited in the face to face skills training
  • valuable for anyone who has opportunities to have brief informal conversations about making healthier lifestyle choices including conversations with family, friends, colleagues, service users and others
  •  available to complete as a standalone learning package

 Aims and objectives

  • understand what MECC is, recognise how it is relevant to you, and identify your own thoughts/feelings about carrying out MECC
  • relay information from the five key areas:
    • stopping smoking
    • healthy eating
    • physical activity
    • alcohol
    • mental wellbeing
  • recognise opportunities to deliver key messages about adopting a healthier lifestyle, and overcome any personal barriers to MECC
  • confidently provide appropriate lifestyle advice
  • understand the relevance of MECC to your role
  • understand where to find additional information on the topics covered in this module.
  • understand effective communication skills, using the 4A's approach, and how to Make Every Contact Count (the e-learning only briefly covers this as it is covered in greater depth in the skills training)

MECC skills training

  • a free 2 hour 30 minutes training session relevant for frontline workers and volunteers

    • who regularly have conversations with members of the public, service users or others
    • where there are opportunities to have very brief informal conversations about healthy lifestyle choices. 
  • focussed on behaviour change, effective communication skills, and how to successfully Make Every Contact Count using the 4A's approach and OARS

Aims and objectives

  • effectively Make Every Contact Count by building on the knowledge from the e-learning and incorporate it into healthy lifestyle conversations
  • identify and engage in conversations about healthier lifestyle behaviours
  • support motivation to change and understand behaviour change models and theories
  • confidently offer accurate, evidenced based and consistent lifestyle messages
  • provide information and signpost to services and support

Do I need to complete both parts of MECC training?

If you are a frontline worker or volunteer, it is strongly recommended that you complete both MECC e-learning and skills training as you can make a big difference in encouraging lifestyle behaviour change that has a positive effect on the health and wellbeing of others.

Your organisation may have decided on an approach for implementing MECC and relevant staff training.

If you are not a frontline worker or volunteer or your organisation doesn't have an approach in place for MECC you can complete the MECC e-learning as a standalone learning package.

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