Worcestershire Compact

The Worcestershire Compact is a commitment between the Statutory Sector and Voluntary and Community Sector in Worcestershire which aims to ensure we work better together.

The Worcestershire Compact was originally created after broad discussion and consultation with voluntary and community sector representatives and was adopted by the Worcestershire Partnership. It was officially launched in June 2008 and signed up to by all members of the Partnership.

A successful Compact ensures equity between the sectors when working in partnerships, to ensure better outcomes for local communities in Worcestershire.

The codes of practice have been developed in partnership to support the Worcestershire Compact and help us to work together better in these specific areas to better serve the local community. Toolkits and guidance is available to help embed the Compact in your area or organisation.

If you would like more information please visit the Compact Voice web pages where there is a wealth of useful information.