Worcestershire Partnership

Our Vision

Together we have developed a vision for Worcestershire. This vision is based on what Worcestershire residents told us was important to them in making our county a great place to visit, work or live in:

A county with safe, cohesive, healthy and inclusive communities, a strong and diverse economy and a valued and cherished environment.

Our Values

The Worcestershire Partnership has agreed the following values. These values apply to all partners in their work for the Worcestershire Partnership. The values underpin everything we do. In order to join the partnership, individuals and groups must agree to subscribe to the values below.

In all our work and planning we will:

  • provide for the needs of all groups in society
  • treat people with equality and value diversity
  • build strong, cohesive communities and promote good community relations
  • remove barriers that prevent individuals from reaching their full potential
  • intervene early to prevent problems from becoming entrenched
  • take account of the needs of future generations
  • actively seek ways in which to improve people's health and well-being
  • work in partnership with others
  • provide high quality and value for money services
  • involve and listen to local people and local communities – these could be geographical communities or communities of interest
  • promote Worcestershire on the regional, national, European and international stage and maximise the opportunities available to the county