Shenstone Group

The idea of the Shenstone Group emerged from discussions in the Worcestershire Partnership in 2008 which saw an opportunity to take this partnership to a higher level by committing to building greater trust and understanding between key leaders and their organisations, and working to build collaborative leadership and a shared vision for Worcestershire. From this thinking was established the Shenstone Group which first met in August 2009. The name comes from the location of these initial meetings.

The meetings were described as "thinking laboratories" with the time and freedom to explore issues in ways which are simply not possible in the formal and "official" forums normally available. However the meetings were not simply a "talking shop", they addressed real and pressing issues and developed actions for the participants to take back to their own organisations.

The group has acted as reference group to Worcestershire's Total Place work and for the last couple of years have provided critical friends to the Areas of Highest Need projects and are currently leading the work on Worcestershire Next Generation.