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Foster Carer Conference 2022

Bouquets of flowers from conference Published Wednesday, 5th October 2022

This year’s Worcestershire Children First Fostering conference was a great opportunity for staff to extend a warm welcome and send a big thank you to all the WCFF foster carers.

Monday’s event, organised by Worcestershire Children First Fostering, was held at the Bankhouse Hotel, for foster carers across the county in celebration and recognition of the care, love and support that they provide to Worcestershire’s children and young people.  

This year’s event was focused on promoting our WCFF Fostering Community and valuing the community that we are part of. We were very pleased to host our Keynote Speaker, care experienced business owner Jojo Smith, which was truly inspirational, as well as other young people with care experience who are part of the WCF Participation Team.

Jo Curtis, a foster carer who attended the event said: “We as carers have been shown through various platforms, including a very positive and well supported Fostering conference on Monday, that they are able to listen to feedback and make the appropriate changes needed within the fostering service.

“As a foster carer, I have felt listened to, cared for and valued as we all work together as a team to care for vulnerable children in our community.

“I am very proud to be a Worcestershire Children First Foster Carer!”

Maria White, Assistant Director for Permanency, Fostering & Adoption, said: “We have an amazing community of foster carers who continue to ensure that the children that they care for are Happy, Healthy and safe by providing a caring family home which supports our children to thrive and become strong and independent adults.

“The Foster Care Conference gave me an opportunity to meet and talk with our foster carers, to hear about their fostering experiences, and listen to their important feedback. The care and support provided by our foster carers for Worcestershire Children First Fostering is invaluable, and we cannot thank them enough for all that they do for Worcestershire’s children and young people”

Councillor Andy Roberts, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Children and Families, said: “I want to thank foster carers across Worcestershire for taking care of our children. The support and care they provide to children and young people is invaluable. Foster carers are an essential part of how we achieve our vision to keep children Happy, Healthy and Safe.”

For further information on the service please visit Worcestershire Fostering or contact Fostering Worcestershire on Facebook or call on 0800 028 2158. For more information on becoming a foster carer go to our dedicated pages Worcestershire Children First Fostering (WCFF) | Worcestershire County Council