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Over 60 pieces of plastic thrown away by each household every week

Let’s Waste Less Logo Published Thursday, 21st July 2022

Did you know that on average each household throw away 66 pieces of plastic every week?

This equates to nearly 100 billion pieces of plastic packaging binned every year across the UK.

This information comes as the results of the Big Plastic Count have been released. 

The Big Plastic Count is the biggest ever survey of household plastic waste which saw 100,000 families logging what they threw away in a week earlier this year.

83% of the plastic thrown away was from food and drink packaging waste.

Recycling alone isn’t going to solve this problem, and we are encouraged to reduce their packaging reliance by buying loose fruit and vegetables where possible and using their own bag for life. 

Alternatives can also be explored such as reusable water bottles, coffee cups and lunch boxes instead of foil/film wrapped sandwiches. 

Councillor Richard Morris, Cabinet Member for the Environment at Worcestershire County Council said,

“These results, show that it’s important for us all to try and reduce the amount of single use plastics we use and to try to recycle the correct plastics in our green bins. There may be confusion as to what can or cannot be recycled, and we sometimes end up with many unrecyclable plastics at our sorting plant, EnviroSort.  I would urge residents who are unsure to look at the comprehensive What Can I Recycle list on the Envirosort website. ”

Currently, Worcestershire householders can recycle a number of different plastics via their green wheelie bin.

Last year 5,900 tonnes of mixed plastics for recycling were collected and sent for reprocessing. 

The plastics that can be recycled are:

  • all plastic bottles (i.e. drinks, shampoo, bleach, washing up liquid)
  • pots (i.e. yoghurt, cream, jelly)
  • tubs (i.e. margarine, ice cream, takeaways)
  • trays (i.e fruit punnets, meat trays, cake/pastry trays?)

Households can also take plastic film such as bread bags, frozen food bags, plastic carrier bags and many others to local supermarkets where they will be recycled. 

To find out your nearest store and what can be accepted visit the Repeat the Cycle pages of the Recycle Now website.