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Gritters taken out of hibernation to save Worcestershire’s roads

Gritter on a road in the sunshine Published Friday, 15th July 2022

Gritters are on stand-by across Worcestershire to help prevent roads from melting in hot weather.

When temperatures break the 30C for a prolonged period, roads are at risk of starting to melt.

With predictions of the mercury rising way past 30C on Monday (July 18) and Tuesday (July 19), Worcestershire County Council have confirmed they are ready and poised to hit the streets.

Councillor Mike Rouse, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Highways and Transport at Worcestershire County Council said, “Snow and ice are the last things on most people's minds in July and so people could be suprised at seeing our gritters out on the roads in the middle of summer.”

However, our teams are once again playing a vital role in keeping the county's roads safe for motorists. This positive approach helps reduce the potential damage high temperatures can inflict on our roads, so keeping them safe and limiting disruption.

We will continue to monitor road temperatures and carry out inspections.  Once the weather cools, we will address any permanent repairs if required"

The gritting vehicles will spread light dusting of crushed stone, instead of the traditional salt, to soak up excess tar and reduces the chances of road surfaces melting by reflecting a larger amount of the sun’s rays. 

While road temperatures are being closely monitored, Worcestershire County Council is asking residents to report any issues to them via the website.