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GET SAFE celebrates its third anniversary

Get Safe Banner Published Friday, 17th June 2022

The Worcestershire Get Safe Partnership is celebrating its third anniversary this week.

The Worcestershire Get Safe Partnership is celebrating its third anniversary this week.

The partnership provides multi-agency support and protection for children and young people at risk of Criminal Exploitation across the county.

The partnership remains committed to supporting victims and their families who experience this.

It includes: West Mercia Police, Worcestershire Children First, a range of NHS health services, Education, Youth Justice Service, Housing, Probation and Early Help services.

Key voluntary sector agencies are also alongside Get Safe to tackle child criminal exploitation. 

Tina Russell, Chief Executive of Worcestershire Children First, said: “Lots of positive work has been achieved over the 3 years of the partnership to support children and young people who have been identified as at risk of or experiencing child exploitation. One of our key achievements in the last 12 months has been the development of our Get There resources for young people, particularly focusing on young people with SEND and those leaving care. We are continuing to work together in a coordinated and focused way to tackle this challenging and ever-changing form of harm and abuse to our children here in Worcestershire.”

Many events have taken place to raise awareness of the risk surrounding children and young people knife and weapon carrying. 

This includes the Knife Angel statue coming to Worcester and the launch of the Steer Clear programme to work with children where there are concerns, they may be at risk of knife carrying. 

Multi agency training continues to take place across the county, delivered by the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office, raising awareness of the signs and indicators of child criminal exploitation.

Professionals are continuing to praise the partnership, using the training sessions as a way of understanding how to identify the indicators of criminal exploitation.

Colin Berry, Temporary Detective Inspector, West Mercia Police said,
The GET SAFE partnership plays an integral role in identifying possible victims of Child Sexual Exploitation and increasing awareness of vulnerable young people. As a result, the team have built working relationships with the young people, affected by Child Sexual Exploitation ,assisting them in reporting offences.. The engagement with Get Safe link workers has been an invaluable source of intelligence and support. We have developed a joined-up approach to better protect vulnerable children who are CSE victims.”

Juliet Wear, Safeguarding Children’s Nurse & CE lead Herefordshire & Worcestershire Health & Care Trust said, “A highlight from GET SAFE from the last 12 months for me is that Knife Crime has become an integral part of the GET SAFE agenda. With serious youth violence increasing year on year, early intervention and a robust partnership approach is key if there is to be a culture change around carrying knives, and through GET SAFE and the work that the Steer Clear Programme offers to our young people, I believe that we are starting to make a difference to the lives of these vulnerable teenagers.“
Children and young people and their parents/carers can visit the GET SAFE website for advice and support on a range of topics.