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Amani tells her story to help launch Refugee Week in Worcestershire

Amani, a Support Worker for the Resettlement Team. Published Monday, 20th June 2022

Worcestershire County Council is once again proudly supporting Refugee Week.

This year’s campaign runs from Monday 20th June.

The theme of this year is ‘Healing’ and looks closely at the human ability to start again.

One person who understands this concept extremely well, is Amani Tarsho, who came to the county through the UK Resettlement program, and now lives in Worcester.

She now works for the County Council as a Support Worker for the Resettlement Team.

Amani said, “When I first came here, I needed a lot of support to help me settle in the county with my three children. The support we received from the Worcestershire resettlement team really helped us to achieve our goal of finding a new home. They were able to help me with many parts of my resettlement such as education , health, employment and our overall well being. They dealt with every individual person in my family and their own enquiries equally. We couldn't have got to where we are now without their support. That motivated me to work with them and make a difference for other people who needs help.”

“I feel like my family and I have resettled well. My children were able to receive the right support, which they needed at school.  We learnt English and built a life for ourselves again. My husband and I now have good jobs and our children are now doing very well at school. I now have a feeling of stability for me and my family after our hardships.”

When asked about her next steps and future aspirations, Amani said,
“I want to continue improving my skills, and get a promotion at work.  I want to achieve as much as I can, so I can be a role model for every woman who has survived dark war. I want to help build a model Society, and help as many people as possible who have also been affected by wars, encouraging them forward to achieve their dreams. I want to see them strong, especially once they have who have shaken off the dust of war and began the process of starting again, looking forward to a better future.”

Councillor Marcus Hart, Cabinet Member for Communities at Worcestershire County Council said, “Amani’s story is a real inspiration and fantastic example of what our Resettlement team are able to help people achieve for themselves and their families. I’d like to thank our team for their hard work and dedication in helping those who come to resettle in our county, make the best lives for themselves.”

To find out more, please visit the Resettlement programme pages on the County Council website: Resettlement Programme | Resettlement Programme | Worcestershire County Council.