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Worcestershire’s gritting team celebrate the end of another winter season

Jon Fraser from Worcestershire County Council thanks Ringway Contract Manager Keith Corbett for the teams’ efforts during the winter gritting season. Published Thursday, 21st April 2022

Since October 2021, Worcestershire County Council has carried out 51 gritting runs, spreading 5341 tonnes of salt, keeping Worcestershire’s roads moving and safe for motorists. 

This covered 69,972 miles in total, which is the equivalent of approximately three times around the circumference of our planet.

The council has now officially stood down its winter gritting team, following confirmation from weather forecasters that the risk of sub -zero road temperatures is over.

Jon Fraser, from Worcester County Council’s Highways team said, “Although it’s not been a particularly harsh winter, our teams from the County Council and our contractor Ringway have done a fantastic job during the season, including around the clock at times, to keep the roads safe for local motorists.  The team has also supported numerous vaccination sites to ensure they could be accessed safely throughout the winter period.

“I’m extremely grateful to all those involved, who undertake winter duties in addition to their regular day job. I’m aware from feedback we receive, that everyone’s efforts are greatly appreciated by those who use the roads around the county”.

Worcestershire County Council has six dedicated depots for the gritting fleet across the county and seven weather stations that are monitored remotely throughout the season.  

In addition to this, the winter season saw Worcestershire County Council welcome new gritters to the fleet, bringing the total to 36.

The new gritters are equipped with technology which allows them to be tracked live throughout gritting operations, improving safety for drivers and workers due to the vehicles' improved technology, set-up and enhanced visibility