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Second set of bat friendly red street lights have been switched on in Worcestershire

Street lights shining red across a road in Fernhill Heath. Published Tuesday, 1st February 2022

A second set of bat friendly red street lights have been switched on in Worcestershire, furthering the county’s investigations into bat-friendly lighting.

As well as the site being in need of a lighting upgrade, the ecological appraisal for the residential development being constructed by Piper Homes on the A38 Droitwich Road, found bats using the site.

In particular, large numbers of the common and soprano pipistrelle bat and small numbers of the following types were found to be using the boundaries of the site:

  • small numbers of noctule,
  • nyctalus sp.
  • brown long-eared bat
  • myotis sp.,
  • barbastelle bats

Following our ground breaking scheme in Warndon, we have found that normal white LED street lighting may interact negatively with the bats who are visiting the site.

These varied species are believed to be more light averse and less capable of adjusting to normal white LED lighting than common and soprano pipistrelle.

Therefore, it was decided to incorporate a small section of ‘red’ light, similar to those that were replaced in Warndon in 2020 to reduce impact on these species.

It is hoped that with this light treatment, the County Council's energy and carbon consumption will be reduced, as well as its impacts on the varied and valuable protected bat species in the area.