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Plans being drawn up for Worcester to have a rainbow crossing

Feet standing on a rainbow coloured crossing Published Tuesday, 8th February 2022

A rainbow crossing is set to be installed in Worcester City Centre under plans being drawn up by Worcestershire County Council.

The crossing, which will be a colourful addition to the city centre and also celebrate the LGBTQ community, will be one of the first in the UK outside of London with others in the likes of Bristol, Coventry and Gloucester.

Its exact location is yet to be decided but it will be installed in the Spring this year once the weather improves.

Councillor Alan Amos, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, said: “This will be a wonderful addition to the public realm, colourful and innovative.

“I’m proud that Worcestershire will be one of the first authorities to have one. It is also good that the rainbow happens to be a symbol of the gay community which, despite years of persecution, has made and will continue to make such a huge and valuable contribution to society.”

The striped crossing will be placed onto an existing controlled crossing in the City Centre.

Before it’s installed, the usual practical and road safety aspects will be taken into account.