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Consultation on changes to school system in Pershore launched

A graphic which reads "have your say on Pershore Education Planning Area." Published Tuesday, 12th October 2021

A public consultation on proposals to change age ranges, amalgamate schools and expand pupil numbers at a number of schools in the Pershore area has been launched.

Schools in Pershore have asked for age ranges of the schools to be reviewed and changes to be coordinated for there to be a clear and consistent education pathway for children in this education planning area .

The consultation runs from 11 October to 26 November 2021 and marks the first opportunity to have a say about what is important about age ranges of schools and transitions.  

The results of the consultation will be discussed at February’s Cabinet before a final decision is made for the Local Authority Maintained schools. The Regional Schools Commissioner and some Governing Bodies will also need to make final decisions in February in relation to other schools.

Councillor Marcus Hart, Cabinet Member for Education at Worcestershire County Council, said, “We really want to hear the views of parents, carers, pupils, school staff and residents on the proposed changes.

“The County Council and Worcestershire Children First have been liaising with Pershore schools and Academy Trusts for some time now about the current school system in Pershore and their desire for a coordinated approach to change of age ranges that is clear and consistent for children and families.

“The responses we receive will allow proposers and decision makers at the very earliest stage to ensure the needs of current residents as well as communities for generations to come will be met.”

Following a direct approach from schools in the Pershore area in Autumn 2020, there has been a technical analysis to evaluate the risks and issues relating to the current organisation of the schools in the planning area.

The education provision in Pershore has tended to follow a three-tier journey, where pupils attend first schools from age 4-9, transfer to middle schools at age 9-12 and then transfer to high school at age 12 to complete their education. 

Changes to schools in the Pershore education planning area over several years has led to uncertainty and sustainability concerns across the education planning area as there now exists a mixture of two-tier and three-tier with some schools in this area already converted to primary and secondary schools.

The creation of additional places in years 5, 6 and 7 as a result of the approved changes has resulted in an unsustainable level of surplus/excess places in these year groups.

Those schools that have already completed the transition will make no further changes.

For more information and to have your say on the proposals please visit the Pershore Review page on the Worcestershire County Council website