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Look out for each other by using county paths safely

Path next to river in Worcester with signage Published Tuesday, 27th April 2021

Many people have taken the opportunity during Covid-19 restrictions to get out and about walking and cycling across our beautiful county.

With the nights getting longer and as the weather improves over the next couple of months, there’s even more opportunity to get out and explore by foot or on a bike.

As the county’s network of off-road paths become busier, it’s important to make sure that everyone looks out for each other. You may have already noticed, that along Worcester’s riverside, ‘Paths for Everyone’ signs have been going up to offer advice about using the paths, to encourage safe use for all those enjoying them.

There are a few things you can do to ensure everyone can use our paths safely:

• Give each other space, where possible, a minimum of 2m between you and anyone not in your household or bubble

• Take it easy and slow right down when on your bike on a shared path

• Stay left and pass on the right

• Keep your dog on a short lead in busy areas

• Stay alert, especially if using headphones or your phone.

Cyclists are encouraged to use their bell to let people know they are there and to not pass people at speed. At night cyclists should try to avoid dazzling people with their lights and walkers and runners are advised to wear clothing that makes them visible to others. Dog walkers are reminded to pick up after their dog and use a reflective collar or coat at night.

More information about the Paths for Everyone initiative and tips for using the county paths, can be found on the County Council website at