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Supporting families looking to adopt sibling groups

Published Thursday, 22nd April 2021

Adoption Central England (ACE), the regional adoption agency for Coventry, Solihull, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, and Herefordshire, is supporting a national recruitment campaign looking for more potential adoptive families for siblings.

Approximately 44% of all children waiting to be adopted in England are part of a family group1. Siblings often wait longer to be placed with adoptive parents with sibling groups of three or more children wanting to be placed together facing the longest wait. It is a national priority to reduce this waiting time and an increase in families looking to adopt sibling groups will help towards reducing this wait time.

Children benefit greatly from being placed together. Siblings have a shared history and their relationships with each other are very important and meaningful – it can be a further loss for a child if they have to live separately from a close and much-loved brother or sister.

ACE understands that prospective adoptive parents might have reservations about adopting sibling groups. The challenge might just seem too great and there are financial considerations along with big changes to family life. However, there are many emotional benefits to adopting siblings with 61% of adopters acknowledging that adopting children with their brothers and sisters has been the most beneficial factor in their child’s adoption journey2.

Tina Russell, Interim Chief Executive of Worcestershire Children First, said: “Adoption Central England (ACE) provides continual support to adoptive families as they adjust their lives to offer a child, or children, lifelong homes. 

“We are proud to support the national sibling adoption campaign and use this opportunity to raise the understanding of the sibling relationship bond and the importance of keeping siblings together, when assessed as appropriate, within the care planning and adoption process.

 “Giving a loving and supportive home to the most vulnerable children is one of the most challenging as well as the most rewarding ways you can make a difference in a child’s life. I urge anyone interested in adopting to get in touch.”

ACE ask all prospective adopters to consider adopting a sibling group. The ACE team will provide prospective adopters with information about the adoption process and the support packages available for adopters of siblings. Moving throughout the process, prospective families will be able to talk to current adoptive families of siblings to find out more. You can also read about Jake and Ben's adopter’s experiences on Adoption Central England’s website.

All families who adopt through ACE receive lifetime support, ensuring that they can access therapeutic services, have opportunities for ongoing training along with meeting other adoptive families for peer-to-peer support.

ACE is interested in hearing from people looking to adopt sibling groups of three or more children. To find out more about adoption visit, call 0300 369 0556 or follow us on Facebook @aceadoption.

To find out more about the national sibling's campaign, visit

¹ Adoption and Special Guardianship Leadership Board. Q2 2020

² Survey Monkey of 198 adoptive parents and 21 considering adoption between 22 March and 6 April 2021