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Face coverings to continue to be worn in classrooms

Published Tuesday, 13th April 2021

Government has confirmed that face coverings should continue to be worn in secondary school and college classrooms when students return after the Easter break (Monday 19 April 2021).

In new guidance published last week it also recommends that face coverings should continue to be worn by staff and pupils when moving around the premises, outside of classrooms, such as in corridors and communal areas and during activities where social distancing cannot easily be maintained.

Sarah Wilkins, Director of Education and Early Help at Worcestershire Children First, said: “This ongoing advice, together with protective measures already in place such as regular handwashing and ventilation, will help to reduce transmission. And, as twice weekly rapid testing is established and becomes routine for pupils and parents, we can anticipate a further reduction in transmission and our children can continue their education in the classroom.

“We acknowledge that some children and young people are exempt from wearing face coverings and we expect schools to continue to be sensitive to those needs.”

The requirement for face coverings to be worn by pupils in year 7 and above when travelling on public transport and dedicated school transport remains unchanged.

Further information on face coverings can be found on the Government website at:

It is expected that face coverings will no longer be required to be worn in classrooms, or by students in other communal areas, at Step 3 of the roadmap, which will be no earlier than Monday 17 May.