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The number of guests who can attend weddings set to increase

Published Monday, 12th April 2021

The rules for weddings and other events in England are changing today (Monday 12th April) as part of the government’s cautious easing of Coronavirus lockdown.

The number of guests allowed at weddings, civil partnerships, and other commemorative events, including wakes, rises from six to 15.

Events can take place outdoors, but indoor venues will also be permitted if they are authorised to open or where an exemption applies at this stage.

As is currently the case, the number able to attend includes the couple, witnesses, and guests. Those working, such as registration officials, photographers and venue managers are not included.

Hannah Perrott, Assistant Director for Communities, Worcestershire County Council said: “This latest easing of the restrictions, with an increase in the number of guests allowed to attend ceremonies, is welcome news for many couples across the county.

“Our registration services in Worcestershire understand they are working with residents at what are very important moments in their lives.

“Our team have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to ensure their work is Covid safe and I would take this opportunity to thank them for all for the great work they do”.

Wedding receptions can also take place for up to 15 people but must take place outdoors and not in private gardens.

The number of mourners allowed to attend funeral services remains the same at 30 people.

Registration Services in Worcestershire are open, but by pre-booked appointment only, with limitations to available services due to current restrictions.

For more information on Worcestershire Registration Services, please visit: Birth, Death, Marriage, Civil Partnership and Citizenship | Worcestershire County Council