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Parents and carers can now test for Covid-19 at home

Published Thursday, 18th March 2021

Home testing for Covid-19 is now available for parents and carers throughout Worcestershire.

Rapid home tests (known as Lateral Flow Tests (LFT)) detect Covid-19 and are available from community testing sites across Worcestershire. Parents and carers of children and young people are advised to take a home test twice a week.

The tests are designed to deliver speedy testing for people who do not have symptoms of Covid-19, but who may still be carrying the virus. It does not require laboratory processing, can be carried out at home, and delivers a result in just 30 minutes.

Around 1 in 3 people with Covid-19 do not have symptoms, so a test that rapidly detects these cases is a useful tool in the fight against Coronavirus.

Dr. Kathryn Cobain, Director of Public Health in Worcestershire said: “Our children and young people have been amazing at doing their tests in schools and at home. Now it’s the turn of parents and carers to do your bit in tackling the virus.

“You can collect a pack of home testing kits from one of our community sites. They are quick and easy to use and we recommend that you take your first test at one of our testing sites where staff are on hand to help you.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and carers for everything you are doing during the pandemic. With your continued support, we will reduce the number of cases of Covid-19 in Worcestershire, helping us to protect our family and loved ones, as well as our community.”

For full details on how to take a rapid home test visit  How to do a COVID-19 Self Test (rapid antigen test) - YouTube  

If you test positive you must immediately self-isolate to avoid passing the virus on to others. 

There are several ways you can get your rapid home testing kits: