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The Medical Education review and proposed new approach

Published Monday, 15th March 2021

The Medical Education review and proposed new approach

Worcestershire Children First has completed a review of the Medical Education Service including:

  • How the Medical Education Service is delivered and what it consists of;
  • Where the service is delivered from and who it’s delivered to and for;
  • The wider system of education, health and support for children and young people with health needs and difficulties.  This includes physical health and mental health.

Stakeholders including children, young people, parent carers, Medical Education Team staff, schools, Health and Early Help staff were invited to help shape the recommendations which are now being presented to Worcestershire County Council Cabinet on the 18th March 2021.  

As a result of the extensive review of current provision, WCF are proposing a multiagency approach to meeting the needs of children with medical difficulties who are unable to attend school. 
This proposed approach would include the following:

  • Using a Multi-Agency Assessment Panel incorporating the child and parental views to consider referrals requesting help and support to maintain school attendance and/or engagement. Also, to discuss and plan for the return and reintegration of children who have been in receipt of short-term alternative provision back into permanent education placement
  • Improved liaison to deliver short term additional support to maintain attendance at the home school and support a return to permanent education placement
  • Provision of a fast-track referral process for children deemed as “urgent” via the multi-agency assessment panel
  • Offer of a short-term, full-time, varied curriculum to meet the needs of the individual child. A therapeutic nurturing approach embedded within learning opportunities
  • Delivery of remote learning or home tuition where a need is identified i.e. a hospital-based condition or illness

As part of this approach, WCF are proposing to commission a new provision to deliver education for children who are unable to attend school. This new provision would offer an improved infrastructure and educational offer inclusive of facilities, IT, and curriculum options.  It would also be registered with Ofsted. If the proposal to commission the new provision is accepted by Worcestershire County Council there will be a formal consultation on these plans prior to any final decision. As stakeholders, you will be invited to share your views about this proposal as part of the consultation.

If agreed, the earliest date that we envisage this change taking place is September 2022.  

For further details of the review, the finding and the proposed multi-agency approach, funding and timeline please see details on this video presentation (opens in a new window)

Read the full Cabinet report (opens in a new window)

Should you have any questions prior to the full consultation, please contact us at