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Statement in response to an article in today's Worcester News.

Published Friday, 5th February 2021

Statement in response to whistleblowing article in today's Worcester News

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said:


“Every member of County Council staff who has been offered a vaccination has been offered it because they meet the JCVI Government guidance. Those working in health and social care and those running Worcestershire’s response to the pandemic, which is a health and social care emergency, are allowed by Government to have a vaccine. This is checked by the CCG to ensure compliance.


The County Council offered vaccinations to more than 1000 frontline social care and care staff, before offering vaccinations to others working on the response to the pandemic, including management teams. Government regulations prevent us from offering vaccinations to other staff, for example teachers, waste management staff and those working in highways and transport.


The vaccines were located within the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch where vaccinations were only permitted by the CCG for staff and not for members of the public.  Therefore members of the public could not be offered these vaccines as they were not allowed to access the centre. These vaccines could not be moved due to their temperature requirements and there was a high risk of wastage.


This centre had already reached its objectives for vaccinating staff before these vaccines were offered to the Council. The centre was due to close two days later for workforce vaccinations, again meaning there was a high risk of wastage.  


Offers were passed onto 103 members of County Council staff who fall within the Government’s JCVI guidance, including our Local Outbreak Response Team, staff working in Adult Social Care, staff in Children’s Services and the County Council’s Chief Executive. This was a combination of front line staff, middle management and senior management, to ensure resilience. No elected members of the Council were offered the vaccine.  


The legislation around medical information means that the Council does not have access to records of which of these staff have taken up the offer.”