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Statement from Worcestershire County Council on vaccination protocols - 29 January 2021

Published Friday, 29th January 2021

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said: “This is not a case of queue jumping for the vaccination and this council doesn’t condone any such behaviour.

“The vaccination programme for Worcestershire is run by the NHS and not by the County Council.  The decision was taken by the Herefordshire & Worcestershire CCG in discussion with other NHS Partners to offer vaccinations, at short notice to avoid wastage, to system partners who are running essential services in response to the pandemic.

“We understand that other partner organisations in Worcestershire were also invited to ensure no vaccines were wasted, after the local Hospital Hub delivering the vaccines was unable to make use of all vaccines and because the Pfizer vaccine concerned would only remain useable for a few hours.

“The legislation around medical information means that the Council does not have access to records of which of these staff have taken up the offer.

“All agreed protocols have been followed throughout and in line with the JCVI priorities. The decision to offer vaccines to system partners was made by the NHS. We are aware of the sensitivity around this issue and the Council did double-check with the CCG that these offers could be made, and this was confirmed.”