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Council welcomes further school funding from Central Government

Education schools and colleges Published Friday, 18th December 2020

The County Council has welcomed the increase in funding for Worcestershire’s schools from Central Government.

Over the last two years, funding policy has seen over £300 million allocated from Central Government to support the county’s schools.

The Council has seen an significant increase in the Schools Block Dedicated Schools Grant, which has risen from £314.6m in 2018-19 to £369.5m for 2021-22.

At their December meeting, The Council’s Cabinet considered a detailed report on the proposed National and Local Funding Arrangements for Schools for 2021-22.

It was agreed this arrangement will continue into the next year, subject to confirmation of funding.

Councillor Marcus Hart, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Education and Skills said: “Ensuring our schools have everything in place to help Worcestershire’s students reach their full potential, will always be at the heart of every decision and one of our top priorities.

‘I am delighted that the Worcestershire Schools Forum, schools and the County Council Cabinet have continued to support for a further year our local policy of our local Worcestershire formula for mainstream schools being allocated on the basis of the DfEs National Funding Formula. The additional grant from the DfE approaching £55m over the 4 year period is extremely welcome, not only in facilitating the introduction of the NFF locally but supporting schools in continuing to manage their significant cost pressures. Our local approach also lays very strong foundations for our schools for when the DfE introduce a mandatory NFF framework.’        

The local formula will continue in Worcestershire, as required, to include the DfEs statutory Minimum Funding Levels, which are increasing in 2021-22 to £4,180 from £3,750 for primary and to £5,415 from £5,000 for secondary.

The County Council has since 2018-19, following consultation with the Worcestershire Schools Forum and schools, implemented the Department for Education’s (DfEs) National Funding Formula (NFF) arrangement for mainstream schools as its local funding model in Worcestershire.