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Thank you to our school staff

Councillor Marcus Hart Published Tuesday, 15th December 2020

Message from Councillor Marcus Hart, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Education and Skills.

As we fast approach the end of the school term, Worcestershire County Council and Worcestershire Children First would like to thank education leaders for their continued hard work, support and dedication to the county’s children and young people.

Ahead of the Christmas break, Cabinet Member for Education and Skills, Councillor Marcus Hart has issued an open letter to all headteachers, college leaders and early years leaders thanking them for all they have done throughout a particularly challenging year.

One which has seen many changes, but the education of the county’s children and young people has remained at the forefront throughout.

Councillor Marcus Hart, Cabinet Member for Education and Skills, said: “Since the first lockdown in March this year has presented many challenges and throughout you have worked tirelessly to ensure that the education sector has continued to hold a strong grip of COVID-19 measures. The pandemic has really shown what the education community of Worcestershire can come together and achieve even in the most difficult of times.

Classroom life has completely transformed since the start of this school year, but your commitment to providing a safe environment and education has made learning and progress happen regardless.

Throughout the year I have visited schools and seen first-hand the level of detail and the hard work and preparation that has gone in to help keep the school day as smooth as possible and have continued to hear positive feedback from staff and students about their experiences and how they have adapted to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Working closely together with your school community and our colleagues in education and public health you have enabled most pupils to be in school in Worcestershire throughout this term. I believe that it is as a result of this partnership working and detailed planning that schools have been able to remain open and as a result, we have seen school attendance in Worcestershire regularly above the national average.”

School attendance across the county has continued to increase after a brief fall and is above the national average.

Recent figures show that 89.7% of pupils in the county have been in school compared with the national average of 85.6%.