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A message from Dr. Kathryn Cobain, Director for Public Health in Worcestershire

Dr Kathryn Cobain Published Wednesday, 18th November 2020

A message from Dr. Kathryn Cobain, Director for Public Health in Worcestershire

“We are in the middle of the current lockdown now, and for the past couple of weeks, we have all had to change our way of life, follow strict guidance and behave very differently. I know this has been difficult for everyone in Worcestershire. We are missing seeing our loved ones, we are missing our friends and we are all missing the day to day normal life we would usually be leading. Lockdown is hard, and it is demanding on all of us. I would like to thank you for the resilience you are showing, the actions you are taking, and the sacrifices you are making. The restrictions are needed, as a way to break the chain of transmission of Covid-19. We need to reduce our contact, minimise the number of people we spend time with and be scrupulous with our hand washing and wearing face coverings. These steps all help limit the spread of the virus.

“At the moment in Worcestershire, we are starting to see our positive case numbers stabilising. This does not mean they are going down, but the rate of increase is starting to stay consistent. This is good news, we welcome any signs that the measures in place are starting to work. Your hard work is beginning to pay off and I thank you for that. But we should not be complacent now. We are still seeing far higher numbers of Covid-19 cases than we did a few weeks ago. We are still seeing widespread community transmission, and unfortunately there remains a long way to go yet. Community transmission rates tell us that the virus is with us wherever we go. We all need to take great care to protect ourselves and everyone around us.

“I know you are well aware of the steps to take, by now it has become a part of all our lives. But however many times we have heard the messages, we need to ensure we keep following the advice; Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, wear a face covering where needed and if you are unable to keep 2 metres apart and please keep your distance from others. 2 metres is further than you think when you are standing talking with someone. I completely understand this feels unnatural but please double check that you are 2 metres apart, it really does help to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“We are now just weeks away from Christmas and the holiday season. I know many of you will be wondering if you will be able to spend precious time with loved ones. We are awaiting national guidance from Government which will guide us all on what is going to be possible during the festive season. In the meantime, I know you will be wanting to prepare for the holidays and I’d ask you to stay local as you shop, use online shopping and support our local businesses and services, many of whom can deliver to your home. Please try to plan ahead, look for ways to connect online and try to minimise the number of people you mix with.

“The best way to get the Worcestershire Covid-19 cases down, is to follow all these guidelines and measures. Please keep doing all you are doing, it is working. Continue to follow all the advice, stick to the rules. Let’s pull together and look forward to a happy and healthy 2021. Thank you.”