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Cabinet Member opens up about getting Coronavirus

Councillor Adrian Hardman Published Wednesday, 11th November 2020

“It really will seep into your lives if you drop your guard for a moment.”

Those are the words of Councillor Adrian Hardman who has been speaking about having Coronavirus in the summer.


Worcestershire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care started showing symptoms of the virus in mid-July and after ordering a home test straight away, the results came back as positive.


He said: “I got Coronavirus in the third week of July. I remember rates were very low in the area at that time.


“One minute I was out walking the dogs and then I suddenly came over really cold and had to come inside. Within an hour I had a high temperature.


“It came on so quickly. I could not believe it.”


Councillor Hardman didn’t suffer with a cough but did have a high temperature and lost his sense of taste and smell.


He continued: “It put me in bed for a week and I wasn’t really able to do anything.


“This virus can effect anybody. It really will seep into your lives if you drop your guard for a moment.


“It’s really not something you want to have so let’s all be careful.”


The symptoms of Coronavirus are a new continuous cough, a high temperate and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.


During this four-week period of lockdown everyone in England should be staying at home other than for education, work (if you cannot work from home), exercise outdoors, medical reasons, shopping for food and essentials or to care for others.  


For the latest information and advice go to the County Council’s Coronavirus advice pages online.


For the latest advice on what we should and shouldn’t be doing during the four-week period of lockdown go to the Government pages online about the National Restrictions which came in on Nomember 5.