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Worcestershire Spooks Safely

Worcestershire Spooks Safely graphic Published Friday, 23rd October 2020

Spook safely this Halloween with our free downloadable pack!

Halloween may seem tricky this year, but we can still treat ourselves.

With a few simple changes we can all have lot of fun on 31 October without knocking on doors and handing out sweets. You may even start a few new family traditions. 

Worcestershire County Council have put together a Worcestershire spooks safely fun pack with lots of things to do including colouring in and games to play. You can download this from the Here2Help page of their website.

The safest way to enjoy Halloween is to have a party in your bubble. There’s lots of ways to celebrate whilst doing what’s right for your family. Here’s just a few ideas: 

•    Watch a scary movie together
•    Carve pumpkins
•    Decorate your home 
•    Have a Halloween hunt in the back garden (think Easter but with pumpkins or treats)
•    Make Halloween themed food
•    Dress up - staying in is the new going out
You could also go out for a spooky walk in your favourite Halloween costume with people in your bubble. Masks are encouraged! This year will be special as there will be a full blue hunters moon on 31 October. 

Whilst on your walk you can play Worcestershire spooks safely Halloween Bingo. Whoever spots a line of spooky creatures or the whole bingo card, gets a treat from a grown up. It’s a nice alternative to trick or treating.

You could have a neighbourhood decorating contest to make everyone’s walk more enjoyable. Go big with the decorations so they can be admired from a distance. Children can also colour in the characters from the Worcestershire spooks safely fun pack and pop them in the window for everyone to see.

Dr.Kathryn Cobain, Director for Public Health in Worcestershire said:
“2020 has been difficult for all of us and we need to have some fun to cheer ourselves up. With a bit of creative thinking and a few changes we can all have a spooktacular but safe Halloween. Please enjoy 31 October in your bubble at home. If you do go out for a special Halloween walk, please be a covid-buster, follow the rule of six and keep a 2 metre broomstick length away from others to stay safe.”