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How, when and why Worcestershire might go to tier 2 restrictions

Dr Kathryn Cobain Published Thursday, 15th October 2020

Worcestershire currently is at medium risk of Covid-19 under the Government’s 3 tier alert system.

The county is at what’s called Level 1, medium risk. This means residents are living with some restrictions, but not the most severe.

In Worcestershire, like elsewhere, County Council and Public Health leaders are involved in regular conversations with Government about Covid-19 cases and trends in the local area.

Our district COVID-19 infection rates give us a rolling snapshot of the last 7 days of cases. They can indicate a rise in some areas at certain times, for example at the moment Bromsgrove has the highest levels in the county.

A few weeks ago, Redditch and Wyre Forest were at the top of the list. The situation is fluid, it changes rapidly.

Worcestershire as a whole is seeing rising Covid-19 rates. The whole county has rising numbers over a consistent period of time.

To place one district only into tier 2 measures, would not prevent the virus from spreading across the rest of the county. Being in tier one does not mean there is no risk.

At the moment, Worcestershire has been placed at tier one. The situation in the county is being monitored and assessed daily, and if the numbers of cases continue to rise, the Government may choose to raise the alert level here.  

Dr. Kathryn Cobain, the Director for Public Health for Worcestershire said; “For now Worcestershire is at level one, medium risk. Bromsgrove and Wyre Forest may currently have the higher rates of infection, but that does not mean everywhere else in the county is immune to the spread of the virus.

It is also not the case that Bromsgrove and Wyre Forest’s infection rates would be the cause of all the county going to tier 2. Cases are going up countywide, and it is that fact which would lead the entire county into tighter restrictions. I would remind everyone that we can keep our infection rates low, our actions can prevent the need for further restrictions, it’s in our hands.”