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Bob Brookes elected as new chairman of Worcestershire County Council

Councillor Bob Brookes Published Thursday, 16th July 2020

Engineer and Entrepreneur, Bob Brookes, has been elected as the new Chairman for Worcestershire County Council for the civic year 2020/21.

Following a successful technical career travelling in Europe, the US, and New Zealand, Bob has represented Droitwich as a Town Councillor, serving as Mayor; as a Wychavon District councillor; and has been a Worcestershire County Councillor since 2017.

Bob became involved with the introduction of colour television in Britain during the 70's, and by co-incidence, at about the time the previous County Chairman was broadcasting on our TV screens.

As well as working in electronics design and manufacture, Bob worked for seven years at a local and national level providing technical support to our schools with the introduction of computers to the classroom.

This included using emerging technology to support the development of children with disabilities so they could realise their full potential. 

Chairman of Worcestershire County Council, Councillor Bob Brookes, said: “It is a great honour but also very humbling to take on the responsibility of being Worcestershire County Council’s new Chairman and I intend to use every opportunity to encourage the development of our economy.

Working with Peter Tomlinson as my mentor, over the last year as his vice-chairman has been a privilege and I would like to thank him for showing me how the job can be done.

Worcestershire is acknowledged as one of the best places to live, and with our high-speed broadband roll-out it is an ideal place to do business too. I will be doing everything I can to promote Worcestershire, and to support the vital economic development we need following the pandemic.”

Bob is presently working closely with local residents and business to re-establish a Brine Baths facility in the town and was heavily involved in bringing back Droitwich Salt production after a gap of 100 years. 

Becoming Mayor in 2014 he resurrected “The Droitwich Salt Company Ltd.” Bob used this as a vehicle to stage the successful “Charter Day” 800th anniversary celebrations which commemorated the granting of the Royal Salt Charter to Droitwich by King John in 1215.

Bob has lived in Droitwich for 38 years together with his wife Veronica, a retired Community Pharmacist, who spent much of her working life in this county. 

Their three children were educated in Worcestershire; two went on to become GP's and one became a lawyer. They have four grandchildren.

Councillor Julian Brunner has also been elected as this year’s Vice-Chairman. Juliet is a County Councillor for Arrow Valley East (Shared) with Tom Baker-Price.