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Keeping children safe during lockdown

Published Friday, 29th May 2020

It’s Child Safety Week next week, and the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) is encouraging parents and guardians to keep children safe around the home.

The CAPT, which runs the annual community education campaign is changing the approach this year due to the pandemic.

This year, the advice is focussed around top tips for child safety during lockdown and beyond, plus advice on preventing burns and poisoning.

Councillor Andy Roberts, Cabinet Member for Children and Families at Worcestershire County Council said: “As families are spending almost all of their time at home it’s even more important to make sure that your house is safe for little ones. Many parents are both working and caring for their children simultaneously and it can feel impossible to keep an eye on children all the time. We, along with Worcestershire Children First endorse this campaign and encourage parents to consider ways their houses could be made safer for children.“

Here are a few simple changes parents can make to ensure their home is safer in just a few minutes:

  • Hot things like drinks and hair straighteners – decide where your safe spots are that you can put hot things down out of reach of children. A small child’s skin burns much easier as it’s so thin and delicate.
  • Cleaning items – we’ve never been so clean, but make sure it’s all stored safely away.
  • Medication – inquisitive little ones may think these are sweets, so make sure they are put in a cupboard high up out the way
  • Button batteries – big lithium coin cell batteries the size of a 5p piece can be deadly if your child swallows one. Check products, spares and flats and put them out of reach. You’ll be surprised where young children can find them – in light-up toys, remotes, gaming headsets and key finders. 

As people go out to exercise and burn off children’s excess energy, it’s crucial to stay mindful of road safety. Remember to check for traffic before crossing the road and encouraging children to learn the basics of road safety.

Worcestershire Children First’s mission is to support children and young people to be happy, healthy and safe. The organisation is pleased to be sharing advice and tips on social media channels throughout the week.

To find out more on Child Safety Week go to the Child Accident Prevention website or their Facebook page.