Going the extra mile for PPE

Julie Quinn Published Thursday, 28th May 2020

Worcestershire County Council has issued more than 400 deliveries of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the coronavirus outbreak.

Equipment has been delivered to care homes and agencies and orders are now being taken from schools and early years settings. Throughout the crisis the County Council has come to the assistance of organisations who found it hard to source their own equipment

The County Council’s procurement team, together with support from the Government, has created a distribution chain to get vital supplies to both the council’s carers and independent care providers.

As well as identifying regular supplies the Council has supported innovative approaches from it’s staff. Promoting Independence Assistant Julie Quinn spotted an opportunity to secure extra supplies of face shields.

It was a Facebook post that caught her eye. Teachers from Christopher Whitehead Language College were putting their 3-D printer to use to make face shields. 

 “I checked with my line manager” she said “and I felt bad asking for so many. But the teachers said I could come and get 50 and they would let me know when the next 50 were ready and so on.”

Before too long, Julie was pulling up at the Worcester based school and collecting her first batch.

“They were labelled up and waiting for me in their reception area. I didn’t have to find anybody, there was social distancing and it was very efficient.”

Morgan Price is the Provider Service Manager for Adult Social Care. He said “I was really amazed when Julie said we would be able to get hold of 150 face shields.  She found them online and arranged to collect them outside of work. They were urgently needed and put to work across the care teams immediately.”

“In the end we were donated over 200 face shields from two Worcestershire Schools.” added Morgan.

Adrian Hardman, cabinet member for Adult Social Care said: “It goes without saying that we are extremely grateful to Christopher Whitehead Language College and Droitwich High School for providing us with these pieces of PPE at a time when they were in very short supply.

“Julie’s quick actions meant that she and colleagues were able to carry on doing their job and keep themselves and others around them safe.”