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Stay Home and Save Lives this Easter

Don't crack. It's tempting to go out this Easter weekend, but please don't. Stay at homes to save lives. Published Thursday, 9th April 2020

The Easter Bank Holiday weekend is often a time for family getaways, get-togethers and fun!

But, please this year, have Easter at home, and help to save lives. Don’t visit family or friends, and don’t go out to busy beauty spots and parks.

Staying at home, will save lives.

Dr Kathryn Cobain, Director for Public Health in Worcestershire said: “This Easter we must all stay home, not visit relatives and enjoy the holiday from our homes and gardens instead.

This really will help to stop the spread of Coronavirus and protect our NHS, and save lives. What you are doing by staying in your homes, is so important and we are beginning to see evidence that this is working, so it’s important to keep going! Please follow the Government guidance to stay away from busy parks and beauty spots, and instead take exercise once a day from your own front door. When you do go out, please stay two metres apart from others and make sure when you get back in that you wash and dry your hands thoroughly.”

This year’s Easter break may break with tradition, but these changes are vital in the battle against Coronavirus.

To make new memories why not host your roast with the family on Skype or make bonnets with your Easter bunnies in the sunshine?

If you have children to entertain, there are lots of hints and tips and ideas on our website to assist.

Children may enjoy making Easter artwork; this could be Easter cards, Bunny or chick toilet roll creatures or pictures with potato or handprints.

Some people are making Easter trees or even getting their Christmas tree out and decorating that with rabbits, eggs and chicks.

Whatever you decide to do this Easter, please have fun and stay safe at home.