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1,000 kind-hearted people volunteer to help in Worcestershire

1000 people have signed up to be a Here to Help Volunteer. Published Monday, 6th April 2020

The Here2help campaign has signed it’s 1,000th volunteer.

People across Worcestershire have answered the call of the County Council and have been offering to help their communities during the Coronavirus outbreak. This weekend saw the 1,000th volunteer signing up to support the initiative.

Worcestershire County Council is running the community action campaign called ‘Here 2 Help’ which is run through the dedicated website;  Here 2 Help website.

On the website there is a ‘Tell us how you can help’ form for people who want to volunteer to help in their communities over the next few weeks and months.

They will be coming to the aid of residents who need help as they self-isolate due to the virus who are not able to get help from family, friends or neighbours. So far, 1,000 people have signed up. Staff are now working their way through the list, to match volunteers skills with the work voluntary services need help with.

Councillor Lucy Hodgson, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “We are thrilled to welcome our 1,000th volunteer to the scheme. It shows that the people of Worcestershire really care about others and want to help out during these difficult times. I’d like to thank every one of them for offering their time and help. To hit the 1,000 mark is just wonderful, and shows the incredible spirit of the people of our county. “

The form on the Here2Help website asks if people can offer help in areas such as delivering food and medicine to those who need it the most to driving HGVs, as well as other smaller tasks such as walking a neighbours’ dog.

Once someone registers to help, they will receive an email confirming their request has been received. Their details will then be passed onto a local volunteering group or community group to ensure they are helping in the right areas so if they haven’t been contacted yet, they should be soon. 

As well as asking if people can offer their help, the Here2Help website also has a separate form asking if individuals need help themselves.

This was created for residents to fill in if they need non-urgent help and cannot get that help and support from friends, family or neighbours.

If you want to offer help or are in need of non-urgent support but are not able to access the online forms, a number has been set up to call and someone will fill the online form out for you on your behalf.

The number is available to call Monday to Sunday from 8am to 8pm and it is 01905 768053.