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Stay safe and think of others

Social Distancing messages Published Wednesday, 25th March 2020

The single most important thing we can do at the moment, is to stay home and stay away from others. The Government’s message is clear, stay at home and save lives.

Last night, the government announced new social distancing measures everyone must follow;

  • only go outside for food, health reasons, exercise or essential work
  • stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people
  • wash your hands as soon as you get home

This will help to prevent the spread of coronavirus and will preserve life.

These measures may be challenging for everyone but there are still ways we can look after ourselves and support one another.

You may not be able to shake a friends hand, but you can give an elderly neighbour a phone call to check in.

Instead of bulk buying pasta, you can shop for only what you need and leave supplies for others.

You may not be able to your favourite café for coffee and cake for a while, but you could always set up your own café with your children, and bake your own.

Worcestershire County Council is urging anyone who can offer help, donations and support to others, to get in touch via the Here 2 Help website.

Councillor Lucy Hodgson, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “Social isolation may be in force, but we’ve had a fantastic initial response to our Here 2 Help campaign and the county is really pulling together.

This is a time to think about what you can do for others to lend a helping hand, rather than focusing what you can’t do. There are strict measures in place, and we must follow them, but there are still plenty of ways we can support one another and provide friendship and kindness.”

All but essential travel has now been banned, with everyone being encouraged to socialise with friends and family virtually via social networking and phones, and to work from home where possible.

Schools are closed to all except critical workers, and gatherings of people must now stop.

If you need to contact your GP, please do so by telephone and do not visit the surgery.

For more information on the new social distancing guidelines, please visit the Government website for guidance on staying at home and away from others.

If you have any goods and services that you wish to donate, please visit the Here 2 Help website and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.