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Give space and keep your distance to stop the spread of Coronavirus

Social Distancing messages Published Monday, 23rd March 2020

People in Worcestershire are being urged to follow the Government guidelines on social distancing to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

All Household Recycling Centres in Worcestershire were forced to temporarily close at the weekend due to high levels of demand and the impact this has on being able to adhere social distancing guidelines.

If you’re using your local Household Recycling Centre, then please follow social distancing guidelines whilst doing so.

Director of Public Health, Dr Kathryn Cobain, today reiterated the message that we all need to stick to the social distancing guidelines issued by Central Government. 

Dr Cobain said: “The advice from Government is clear. We must all stay at home where we can to help stop this virus spreading. 

“If you must leave your home then it is imperative that you take on board the social distancing guidelines.

“This includes staying two metres apart from other people. By avoiding social contact with others, we are saving lives. It is that simple.

“It may feel difficult and isolating to be avoiding other people but this measure is essential if we are to prevent the spread of the virus.”

In general, social distancing means remaining two metres away from anyone else at all times. This applies to everyone.

Even those without underlying health conditions and risk factors are being urged to avoid contact with others, stay away from social groups and stop visiting family.

This high level of social distancing is vital to keep everyone safe and to protect the most vulnerable in our communities. Social distancing stops the virus spreading.

Worcestershire’s six Countryside Greenspaces currently remain open but will only continue to be open if social distancing guidelines are adhered to by those who visit.

Councillor Simon Geraghty, Leader of Worcestershire County Council, said: “We’re working extremely hard with partners across the county during these unprecedented times to ensure we continue to deliver essential services.

“I understand that the current situation and guidelines are testing for all concerned but following them is essential to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

“We’re extremely proud of what Worcestershire has to offer, in terms of its greenspaces, and the positive impact they can have on people’s mental health, especially in these challenging times. But if you visit them, then first and foremost you must follow social distancing guidelines to help keep yourself and other visitors safe.

For further information on the new social distancing guidelines, please visit the official GOV.UK dedicated website page.

For more Coronavirus information and advice, please visit our dedicated coronavirus pages on the Council's website.