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Stay home, Save Lives

Everybody should be taking part in social distancing graphic Published Monday, 23rd March 2020

Staying at home will save lives.

Worcestershire’s Director of Public Health, Dr.Kathryn Cobain, is advising everyone to stay at home to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), and preserve life. 

Everyone, even the healthy, is urged to avoid contact with others, stay away from social groups and stop visiting family.

This high level of social distancing is vital to keep everyone safe and to protect the most vulnerable in our communities. Social distancing stops the virus spreading.

  • Everyone should be taking part in social distancing. Even if you are feeling well, follow the advice.
  • Avoid contact with other people. Keep two metres away from everyone else at all times.
  • Change your behaviour. Don’t go anywhere to join groups of people. Don’t have visitors to your house. Work from home if you possibly can.
  • Social distancing doesn’t mean you need to lock yourself away. Fresh air and exercise are still vitally important but enjoy these alone. Do not meet up with family and friends who do not live with you.

Critical workers of course, have to be in work. Worcestershire County Council recognises the enormously important role they have in providing care and support.

We will do what we can to help and to ensure they are able to do their job whilst their children are kept safe.

Schools and education settings in Worcestershire have a key role to play, alongside other partners, in meeting our priority to preserve life, prevent the spread of Covid-19 and keep critical services going.

We are committed to enabling those workers, critical to the response to coronavirus, to attend their workplace over the coming weeks and months.

If you are one of those workers and if you cannot keep your child/children at home, we will provide a safe place for them, when you are at work.

We can only do this if everyone uses this provision only when you really need it.

Please consider this as an option of last resort.

Children who cannot be safely looked after at home, are vulnerable, or need specialist support will be provided for.

The Director for Public Health for Worcestershire, Dr Kathryn Cobain said, “It is extremely important that we all stay at home. By avoiding social contact with others, we are saving lives. It may feel difficult and isolating to be avoiding other people, but this measure is essential if we are to prevent the spread of the virus. I’d encourage everyone to stay at home, work from home if possible, and keep children at home. Critical workers are of course an essential part of our response to the virus, and we will support them. The safest place for their children is also at home. I’d encourage our critical workers only to send their children to school if absolutely necessary. This is to keep us all safe.”

For further information on the new social distancing guidelines, please visit the official GOV.UK dedicated website page.

For more Coronavirus information and advice, please visit our dedicated website.